Women in Small-scale Fisheries in Tanzania: Challenges and Opportunities

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This video case study explores the challenges that women involved in fisheries activities face on a day to day basis in Tanzania: What successes have they achieved? how can their participation in fisheries be strategically improved? It also explains the strategies in place at local and national levels to counter and improve the situation.

This video is part of the series of case studies undertaken in Tanzania, to document the role of women in fisheries value chain. The details of the case study are available under occasional papers, titled "Women’s Role, Struggles and Strategies Across the Fisheries Value Chain- The Case of Lake Victoria—Tanzania". Both the case study and the video were undertaken by Environmental Management and Economic Development Organization (EMEDO), Tanzania.

Read the case study here:

Women's Role, Struggles and Strategies Across Fisheries Value Chain: The Case of Lake Victoria - Tanzania