In celebration of IYAFA, the Small-Scale Fisheries Resource & Collaboration Hub (SSF Hub) hosted a year-long campaign to highlight important topics, voiced by small-scale fishers and fish workers. The activities of the campaign aimed to facilitate the exchange of stories, best practices, and drive actions needed to protect the lives and livelihoods of small-scale fishers worldwide.

The SSF Hub: Fisher Voices campaign consists of four interconnected components intended to collect and elevate the needs of SSF fishers, fish workers and community members to drive action at local, national and regional levels. 

Fisher Voices

Fisher Voices

Individual videos to capture small-scale fisher voices on a variety of topics. Fishers are able to directly share their opinions, concerns, and needs with a global audience.

Local Dialogues

As part of this campaign, the SSF Hub helped facilitate conversations with people that live and work in small-scale fisheries. The Local Dialogues provide the opportunity for fishers to share their thoughts, experiences, and voice their opinions on the changes they would like to see in their communities.

Read a summary of one of the Dialogues: 

Local Dialogues

Regional Webinars

These webinars highlighted important topics, voiced by small-scale fishers and fishworkers, to build increased awareness of the issues facing small-scale fishing communities, drive action to support them, and demonstrate the importance of the implementations of the Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries.

Learn more about our webinars on Women & Gender, Governance & Tenure, and Small-Scale Fisheries as Part of the Blue Economy

Policy Action Toolkits

To increase understanding of the issues affecting small-scale fishers and SSF communities, and to help drive action at the local and international level around these concerns, the SSF Hub created a Policy Action Toolkit. The Toolkit includes key messages expressed by fishers from the Fisher Voices series, regional dialogues, as well as a summary video of the webinar topic, case studies, relevant resources, and statistics.

Read and download the toolkit here:

Photo contest

Photo Contest

The SSF Hub hosted the IYAFA 2022 Photo Contest to celebrate small-scale fisheries and highlight their diversity and contributions. The photo contest included several categories to highlight the critical importance of small-scale fisheries to livelihoods and culture.

Check out our Photo Contest winners below!

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