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What are cookies?

Like most other websites, this website uses cookies and similar technologies. A cookie is just a simple text file which contains an identifier used to store basic information and settings relating to your device and preferences.

To learn more about cookies, please visit If you don’t want to receive cookies, you can set your browser to notify you when you receive one, then choose to decline it.

How do we use cookies?

The first time you visit this website via a particular device (e.g. your laptop or mobile), we will provide a clear on-screen notification about our cookies and give you the choice if you accept them, decline them or find out more. If you accept we will place the relevant cookies on your device. The next time you visit the website, your device will check to find the relevant cookies and, if your device has them, it sends the cookie information back to the website.

Cookies are really useful because they allow our website to ‘recognise’ you via your device and recall your settings and preferences from previous visits. This helps us in a number of ways, explained below.

We also use web beacons or tracking pixels. These are clear electronic images that trigger when you view a particular page on our website. We use them to help us understand the effectiveness of our email communications to highlight content on our website.

Which cookies do we use?

We don’t actually use many cookies. The cookies used by EDF and our service providers (e.g. Google) are explained in the table below.


Name of Cookie

Owner & Details

Purpose of the cookie

Category: Necessary
Cookie preference EDF Inc.  This cookie records that you have given consent to the use of cookies on our site. This enables us to prevent the display of pop-up notifications about our cookie policy on your subsequent visits. 
cookie-agreed EDF Inc.  this cookie records that you have given consent to the use of cookies on our site. This stores user answer/ consent to use cookies on the site. 
SESS* EDF Inc.  Stores logged in session state. Without it users will not remain logged in. 
CloudFlare CloudFlare_cflb This cookie is necessary for website load balancing. 
CloudFlare CloudFlare_cfduid This cookie helps CloudfFlare detect malicious visitors to the website and minimizes blocking legitimate users.
messagesUtK EDF Inc.  This cookie is used by the website to enable users to receive notifications when they are logged into the website account. The notifications are showed up next to the bell in the header and appear when someone is reacting to the user's posted content and other activity.
Category: Performance
Google Analytics





The Google Analytics cookie gathers information for us about how people browse around our website. This information is used only to create anonymised  reports about the onsite behavior of our visitors in general. For example, how many visitors we've had, which countries they came from, which pages are most popular, how long they stayed on each page, and so on. 

These reports provide useful information which helps us to manage the website and improve our user's experience of the site. For more information on Google Analytics, click here or read Google's information about 'Safeguarding your data.'

Hotjar ID Cookie _hjid This cookie is used to track user activity, for example trends on the web pages that are visited and what buttons are clicked. This information is used to better understand how people interact with the site and guide development of new features and improvement to the user experience.
SendGrid SendGrid email trackers We may include web beacons in our email newsletters so that we can track how many people open our emails and click to view certain pages on our website. They help us to understand the effectiveness of our email communications to highlight content on our website. 
Category: Marketing

hubspot analytics

hubspotutk This is a marketing cookie for OpenSocial distribution. It allows open social providers to gather anonymous analytics on OpenSocial distribution usage. 


Your right to manage cookies

Most modern browsers allow you to manage the cookies saved on your device. For example, you may wish to accept all cookies or reject cookies. If you wish you can check the cookie controls in your browser.



This cookie notice was updated December 2020.




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