CCE Course

Strengthening Conservation Community Enterprises (CCEs) E-Course

CCE Course

Conservation benefits when people benefit from conservation.

This is the understanding at the heart of WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature) Nature Pays and Coastal Communities Initiatives, jointly piloting a global approach that aims to build the capacity of practitioners in supporting the development of Community Conservation Enterprises (CCEs) and improve outcomes for people and nature. By providing communities with a long-term economic benefit, they can build support for conservation, while providing positive outcomes for both people and nature. 

CCEs, such as SSF and Aquaculture cooperatives, are small, locally-run businesses providing livelihoods that also support the protection of habitats and biodiversity. However, CCEs often face significant obstacles in trying to make a sustainable living. Whether it’s the administrative challenge of establishing a business or a lack of capital to get things off the ground, these obstacles can prevent many enterprises from reaching their full potential. 

To address this, WWF developed a self-paced e-learning course to help NGOs and community-based organizations better support communities in strengthening CCEs. Whilst not specifically focused on SSF, the course contains a specific module on coastal CCEs, as well as several case studies and resources that are relevant to SSF. 

The course is now open and free for all, and combines the knowledge from the WWF's Nature Pays Practitioner Guide with additional business concepts and tools. The course is divided into 6 modules made up of engaging videos, case studies, quizzes and practical tools. It takes around 10 hours to complete, but the modular approach enables you to tackle your learning at your own pace.

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