Manual of Good Hygiene Practice for Fishing Boats and Fish Landing Sites in Small-scale Fisheries

"This document is an English translation of the approved Khmer manual on aquatic product hygiene practices for fishing boats, fish landing sites and along the aquatic product value chain in small-scale fisheries. This Manual has been produced for fishers, workers handling fishery products (FP) and FP producers engaged in the capture, onboard handling and landing of FP at small-scale landing sites. The manual is intended as a guide to good hygiene practice (GHP) for the small-scale fishery sector, to assist the sector in producing FP that are safe to eat and of high quality. It has been compiled in accordance with the recommendations as prescribed in Regulation 852/2004/EC on the Hygiene of Foodstuffs,853/2004/EC on FP, EC, and the Recommended International Code Of Practice General Principles Food Hygiene CAC/RCP 1-1969, Rev.4 200 which provides for the development of guides to GHP and fish handling."

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