Food loss and waste in fish value chains

"Food loss and waste (FLW) in the fisheries sector is a complex issue with multiple and interrelated causes at different levels. Policy-makers and the public and private sectors require solutions not just to be economically beneficial, but also to generate or sustain benefits for society. With the aim of promoting an understanding of the importance of FLW in fish value chains and informing decision-making for loss and waste prevention and reduction, this course presents key definitions, causes and solutions, and a summary of three assessment methods.

You will learn about:

  • define key concepts related to FLW in fish value chains; 
  • recognize different types of losses and how they can be determined; 
  • describe important causes of food loss and waste in fish value chains; 
  • identify solutions to situations in which FLW in fish value chains may occur; and 
  • distinguish the basic principles of three different fish loss assessment methods."

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