2021 in Review


The Small-Scale Fisheries Resource and Collaboration Hub (SSF Hub) launched on January 19, 2021 as a collaborative community and resource library for small-scale fishers, fish workers and small-scale fishing communities around the world. Over the last year, the SSF Hub has brought together over 800 community members across the globe and has shared 200 resources and 97 events. Through the Community Forum, questions, challenges, success stories and information have been shared within discussions and groups in support of small-scale fishing communities worldwide.

The SSF Hub was developed for – and with – small-scale fishery actors and will continue to adapt and evolve to the needs and priorities of small-scale fishing communities. Thank you to all SSF Hub Community Members and everyone who has contributed to the SSF Hub!


SSF Hub Snapshot


Throughout 2021, the SSF Hub featured 12 community members and organizations from around the world. Visit the links below to learn more about them. You must be signed in to your account to view SSF Hub profiles.

SSF Hub Featured Members

From left to right (and top to bottom): Charting the Course of Fishing , Mexico; Ulsía Urrea Marino , Mexico; Percy Gianmarco Bayona , Peru; Baltazar Chapilliquen Tume , Peru; Layla Osman , Chile; Wade Vein , Montserrat; SnowChange Cooperative , Finland; Ryan Nienaber , South Africa; Mitra Bentala , Indonesian; Miswan , Indonesian; Gushwarman , Indonesian; dr Sangeeta Mangubhai , Fiji


Community Forum Spotlight 

Over 90 discussions were published last year across a variety of topics from traditional and local knowledge to gender in fisheries. Look back at some of the Community Forum’s discussions below and explore the full Community Forum here.

  • Artisanal fishing, old photographs (Old photographs from small-scale fishing communities)
    • SSF Hub community member Percy Gianmarco Bayona shared a photo of his grandfather who was a fisherman from La Islilla, Peru. Percy’s discussion allowed other community members to share photos from their communities, creating a space to preserve their memories and highlight their stories.
  • SSF Hub Watch Event: Kokoly
    • This discussion invited community members to watch a short documentary on Madame Kokoly, a traditional Vezo fisherwoman living in the Velondriake region of southwest Madagascar. Guiding questions were provided for participants interested in sharing their thoughts and reactions.



The SSF Hub has resources in 40 languages, on issues from 70 countries with over 50 contributing authors and organizations.

Browse some of the most popular resources on the SSF Hub in 2021. 


Science, knowledge & information gathering
Fisheries policy, governance & management
Value chains & post harvest
Human rights & gender equality
Information and communication technologies for small-scale fisheries (ICT4SSF) - A handbook for fisheries stakeholders Cooperatives in small-scale fisheries: enabling successes through community empowerment Triple Impact Fisheries Evaluation Framework: Integrating Environmental, Social and Business Performance Pacific handbook for gender equity and social inclusion in coastal fisheries and aquaculture
Disaster risks & climate change
Social development & employment
Food security & nutrition
Other resources & approaches
Monterey Framework for Social Responsibility Climate change adaptation and mitigation in fisheries and aquaculture Kokoly Fisheries Learning Exchanges: A short guide to best practices



The SSF Hub shares events relating to small-scale fisheries, local to international, from a wide range of geographies and in a variety of languages. This past year the SSF Hub Events page has listed webinars on environmental leadership, presentations on sustainable food systems, report outs on small-scale fishery research, virtual summits, dialogues, and conferences.

The SSF Hub hosts a regular webinar series, “SSF Hub Presents: Fisher Voices,” as a way to facilitate the exchange of stories, best practices, and actions needed to protect the lives and livelihoods of small-scale fishers worldwide. These webinars highlight important topics, voiced by small-scale fishers and fishworkers, to build increased awareness of the issues facing small-scale fishing communities and drive action to support them.

Event screenshot
Event screenshot


In 2021, SSF Hub hosted two sessions on the topic of Fisher Voices on COVID-19. During these sessions, fishers and fishing organization representatives spoke of the challenges that they are experiencing due to pandemic. They highlighted issues such as supply-chain disruptions, food insecurity, and lack of financial support. Speakers also discussed ways that they have innovated and adapted to overcome many of these challenges.These sessions included speakers from Bangladesh, Chile, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and the United States.

Video content was contributed by COAST Trust; CoopDuaoEnvironmental Defense Fund (EDF); Fauna & Flora International (FFI); Future of Fish; International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF); International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)Legal Aid to Women Trust (LAW Trust); Mi CaletaNational Fisheries Solidarity Organization (NAFSO); Oceana; Sustainable Development Foundation, Thailand; World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Recordings of the webinars and additional fisher voices videos can be viewed on the SSF Hub YouTube channel. 



Each month, we collaborated with SSF Hub Partners and fisher organizations to highlight different stories from around the world. Explore some of the 2021 SSF Highlights below!

March 2021

May 2021

July 2021

November 2021

March Highlight Tile
May Highlight Tile
July Highlight
November Highlight
Hearing and empowering women in a changing world Passion forges success: An interview with Ryan Nienaber San Pedro Photography Contest: sharing photos and stories Without safety nets: Small-scale fishers need urgent support and recognition



Thank you for a great year, we are looking forward to 2022!


This article is part of the SSF Highlights series of articles published regularly to the SSF Hub.  To read previous SSF Highlights, follow this link



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