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The SSF Hub is a community-supported platform and is dependent on the contributions of SSF Hub visitors and community members. The SSF Hub seeks to share events relating to small-scale fisheries, local to international, from a wide range of geographies and in a variety of languages. The Events page lists webinars, conferences, meetings, workshops, and funding opportunities. If you would like to suggest an event please contact us.

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World Ocean Summit Asia-Pacific Virtual Week

6 December, 2021 - 10 December, 2021
Web based
The regionally-focused World Ocean Summit Asia-Pacific agenda will provide the platform for nuanced conversation and tailored discussion to catalyse the blue economy in the Asia-Pacific. 

Aquaculture Africa 2021

11 December, 2021 - 14 December, 2021
In person
Alexandria, Egypt
AFRAQ2021 technical program will aim to cover developmental issues including latest research on aquaculture in Africa.

4WSFC Asia-Pacific: Building Forward Better

9 May, 2022 - 12 May, 2022
In person
Tokai University
Under the theme ‘Building Forward Better,’ the congress aims to discuss bold, innovative ideas and strategies needed for SSF to rebalance, rebuild and revitalize, following the devastating impacts

World Aquaculture 2021

24 May, 2022 - 27 May, 2022
In person
Mérida, Mexico
World Aquaculture Visits Mexico Again

4WSFC North America: Getting It Right

18 June, 2022 - 20 June, 2022
In person
Delta Hotel Conference Centre
Under the theme ‘Getting IT Right,’ the congress will facilitate dialogue about and across different dimensions of change and transition, imagined as many ITs needed to achieve and maintain sustain

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