WorldFish's COVID-19 Portal


"WorldFish is curating a series of resources analyzing the impacts of and responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in aquatic food systems related to food and nutrition security, poverty, and development.

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns are creating health and economic crises, leading to an increased incidence of poverty and a looming food crisis. The food system has been seriously disrupted, with impacts occurring at multiple levels and across supply chains.

For hundreds of millions of people, aquatic foods are an integral part of their livelihood, food and nutrition security, and culture. Part of these populations are women, migrant workers, and a large informal sector that may not see direct aid from governments or financial institutions.

WorldFish and partners are identifying vulnerabilities within aquatic food systems and opportunities for governments, international bodies, industries, small-scale actors, and civil society to respond, adapt, and build resilience.

This page is updated regularly with links to blogs, publications, policy briefs, events, and other resources featuring WorldFish analysis on COVID-19, including specific regional and country impacts."