PescaData App

PescaData es una aplicación móvil, diseñada por y para las personas dedicadas a la pesca, que ayudará a facilitar el registro y almacenamiento de tus capturas diarias y gastos. Además podrás interactuar y lograr impacto a escala como sector. Tus capturas al día y datos al momento.

PescaData is a smartphone application and digital infrastructure for small-scale fishers and other stakeholders in Latin America and the Caribbean. PescaData provides a mobile app for catch logs, a peer-to-peer solutions exchange, and a marketplace for goods, services and ideas and mechanisms to measure all stakeholders’ contributions to international goals such as the SDGs and FAO´s Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries. Web-based enterprise dashboards for fishing cooperatives and organizations provide business operation tools. PescaData is designed to be interoperable, with interfacing opportunities with third-party systems. We intend to reach 300,000 fishers in Mexico, and 1 million in Latin America by 2030 – connecting them with each other, with fishing organizations, with investors, and other key stakeholders, to work towards resilient communities and healthy oceans.