Future of Fish: Traceability 101 Toolkit

To help fellow NGOs navigate this important topic and work with industry partners more effectively, Future of Fish, with the assistance of FishWise, Global Food Traceability Center (GFTC), and World Wildlife Fund (WWF), led research and development of educational and communication tools. The resources on this site were designed to meet the expressed need by NGO organizations for more tools and multiple forms of media that include high-level concepts and more detailed explanations.

The Traceability 101 Toolkit includes:

  • A comprehensive and illustrated Glossary of Traceability Terms

  • A one-sheet defining the five core functions of traceability

  • A series of three PSA-style animations that highlight the need for full-chain traceability

  • A detailed slide deck with narrated voiceover that provides insight into the current traceability landscape of the seafood supply chain, and an overview of developing initiatives and innovations