Participatory frameworks and stakeholder strengthening

"This course is the third in a series of e-learning courses on Rural Poverty Reduction. In it, you will develop an understanding of the actors and organizations involved in rural poverty reduction and the ways in which they interact. The importance of participatory framework, approaches and methods is highlighted, and the importance of a collaborative and inclusive way of working. Finally, the importance that capacities are developed in all individual actors and all rural organizations.


You will learn about

  • Participatory frameworks as tools to include vulnerable people through the design and implementation of rural poverty reduction policies and programmes
  • Participatory, collaborative and community-based approaches and methods for research
  • The role of rural organizations, such as cooperatives, trader associations and social movements, in rural poverty reduction, and the role of collaboration
  • The three dimensions of capacity development and its role in rural poverty reduction - Capacity assessment and capacity development challenges
  • The connections between gender and poverty



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