Three years ago, the Small-Scale Fisheries Resource & Collaboration Hub (SFF Hub) launched a platform for small-scale fisheries stakeholders to share knowledge and deepen collaborative efforts to implement the Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries in the Context of Food Security and Poverty Eradication (SSF Guidelines). Over the course of that time, the SSF Hub continues to grow into a network and community of small-scale fishers, non-profits, civil society organizations, and learning networks.

Since its inception, the SSF Hub’s Resource Library has expanded to over 350 publications, infographics, and toolkits related to small-scale fisheries and priorities identified in the SSF Guidelines. It is now one of the most comprehensive collections of resources available, specifically focused on topics aligned with the SSF Guidelines, all thanks to you!

Additionally, the SSF Hub established itself as a platform for fishers and small-scale fishery stakeholders to share their stories, calls to action, and campaigns. As we transitioned and created an online community in social media in 2023, the Global Network for Small-Scale Fisheries continues to grow and now has almost 400 members from around the world.

See what the SSF Hub has been working on the past 3-Years

Provide a platform for small-scale fishery stakeholders to tell their stories

  • Watch interviews, footage from the field, calls to action, and webinar recordings on the SSF Hub YouTube Channel
  • Read interviews with small-scale fishing actors from across the globe: Julio Manuel Chamorro Solis, Chile; Ras Rescordado, Philippines

Celebrate small-scale fisheries' importance, diversity, and culture across the globe

Take action in support of a global small-scale fisheries movement. 

  •  The SSF Hub co-organized the first SSF Summit in 2022. Learn more about the event. 
  • The SSF Hub is currently planning the coming SSF Summit 2024, prior to COFI in Rome. Learn more about the process and how to get involved.

In honor of our 3 Year Anniversary, the SSF Hub is pleased to unveil our latest version of the SSF Hub platform! The changes and upgrades are thanks to the feedback and information that you, our community members, provided.The website is now streamlined to provide easy access to Resources, Stories, and initiatives in support of small-scale fisheries and the implementation of  the SSF Guidelines.

In 2024, the SSF Hub is embarking on new initiatives to empower small-scale fishers and bolster the sustainability of their communities:

  • Two new landing pages: the SSF Finance Portal and the Mesoamerican Portal (stay tuned for this one). We will start with the SSF Finance portal, a comprehensive platform aggregating initiatives around the world that provide funding opportunities directed to small-scale fishers. The official launch is scheduled for April 15 during the 9th Our Ocean Conference in Greece. Please email the SSF Hub ( if you or your organization have relevant projects that you want to showcase or share!
  • More engagement for our online community: Throughout the year, we are committed to fostering collaborative learning and engagement via diverse activities on our social media platforms. From insightful discussions to fun and informative events, our goal is to create a space where knowledge is shared and camaraderie flourishes. We hope you enjoy it!
  • Celebrating the SSF Summit: The SSF Hub will continue to share details about this significant event and its outcomes, ensuring our community remains informed and engaged.

Looking ahead, we are dedicated to identifying a sustainable path for the SSF Hub, ensuring its lasting impact. Our vision is clear – to contribute to resilient, thriving small-scale fisheries and communities that align with the SSF Guidelines. We hope to continue to foster this global community as we work towards a future where the SSF Hub remains a steadfast support for small-scale fishers.