FishNutrients predicts the nutrient composition of finfish species to develop fish nutrient profiles that can be used to inform national dietary guidelines and aquatic resource governance.

Using a compilation of existing data and statistical models, FishNutrients calculates species-specific nutrient data, including the concentrations of different micronutrients and fatty acids, which are then integrated into the FishBase platform.

Bayesian predicted values are estimated from covariates relating to diet, energetic demand, and thermodynamic regime (sourced from FishBase), based on an update of the model in Hicks et al. 2019. For more information on the model, please visit the NutrientFishbase repo on GitHub


For more information on how this tool has, and can be, used to develop pathways for better nutrition and health, watch the webinar FishNutrients - Launching an Innovative New Tool to Help Address Malnutrition