Data-Limited Fisheries Management E-course

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How can managers design effective fisheries management when fishery data are limited? EDF developed the Framework for Integrated Stock and Habitat Evaluation (FISHE) that can guide managers and provide scientific guidance for managing fisheries with limited data. In this set of eleven chapters, you will learn and apply each of the eleven steps of the FISHE framework in a hypothetical fishery.

After taking this course, you should be able to:

  • Articulate the value that FISHE can bring to the fishery management process, especially in contexts where data is limited.
  • Explain the process of applying the framework; including basic steps, general timeline, and roles typically needed from stakeholders and project partners.
  • Convey how the FISHE framework fits into the larger fishery management process and understand when it is most appropriate to apply these tools.
  • Confidently navigate EDF’s FISHE toolkit.