What ICTs are you using?

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Sarah Poon

EDF and partners have been working on a few different applications of technology to fisheries. One that I'm particularly excited about — which we've called SmartPass — uses shore-based camera systems coupled with machine learning to identify, classify and enumerate fishing vessels to estimate fishing effort. We've been testing it in recreational fisheries in the United States and in a small-scale commercial fishery in Indonesia. We just released some resources on this, including a video and white paper, available at https://www.edf.org/smartpass

  • Margaret

    Great stuff @Sara! Do you have monitors on the ground to cross check? And secondly was their any push back from fishers when cameras installed?

  • Hannah Gilchrist

    Wow this sounds really interesting. Do you think it would also work in terms of counting artisanal fishing boats? Thinking along the lines of small wooden sailboats and/or outrigger canoes?

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