Two global initiatives launched by Blue Ventures this week

Jenny Oates • 9 September 2021
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We would like to share two global initiatives launched by Blue Ventures this week:

Blue Ventures' position and article on 30x30

Blue Ventures just launched its position on the global goal to protect 30% of the ocean by 2030. We believe that the best way to protect nature is to protect the human rights of those who live among it and depend upon it. You can find our full position on our website 30x30 landing page (

The Transform Bottom Trawling Coalition

Blue Ventures, in partnerships with other organisations, launched a global coalition to Transform Bottom Trawling! We want to see bottom trawling urgently tackled by all coastal nations, with evidence of a globally reduced footprint by 2030. All organisations are welcome to join the coalition, where we will work together towards advocating for the rights of small scale fishers and to reduce Bottom Trawling. You can find more information on the coalition's website (

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