Tuesday 8th June, SSF OpenHouse - Too Big To Ignore: IPNLF launches Reimagine Tuna

Tamzin_K • 7 June 2021

Join the International Pole and Line Foundation for our 90-minute presentation and discussion as we launch our latest campaign, 'Reimagine Tuna; Leaving No-One Behind'.

This session will explore how the status quo of the industrial tuna sector can and should be disrupted and replaced by equitable, Sustainable-Development-Goal-aligned, small-scale-fisheries that contribute to food security, poverty alleviation and livelihood security by using sustainable one-by-one fishing techniques. The session will be a mixture of short films showcasing IPNLF’s small-scale-fisheries success stories, followed by presentations from guest speakers discussing the David and Goliath challenges facing small-scale-tuna-fisheries competing with rampant industrialised fisheries. Subjects will include: the equity challenges posed by sustainability certifications, fisheries management and resource allocation and the role of markets in supporting SSF.


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