Submit a Fisher Voices Video - SSF Governance and Tenure

Catherine Morse
Catherine Morse • 15 September 2022
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Hello everyone,

The SSF Hub is still accepting Fisher Voices videos for our IYAFA 2022 Campaign. Our upcoming webinar will focus on small-scale fishery governance and tenure rights.

We want to hear from you and about your experiences! 

The SSF Hub has provided some suggested prompts to help guide your video:

  1. Describe the area where you fish. (Where do you fish? Have your fishing grounds changed in recent years? Who else fishes there? ) 
  2. What other activities and ocean-uses occur in the areas where you fish? 
  3.  Are there restrictions on where you can fish? Who makes these decisions? 
  4. Are there any local, regional or national policies that secure access to fishing grounds for small-scale fishers? 

Anyone is welcome to submit a video, more instructions can be found here:

Thank you!

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