SSF Hub Presents: Fisher Voices on COVID-19, Session II - Discussion

Catherine Morse
Catherine Morse • 9 November 2021


This fall the SSF Hub hosted two web-based events that enabled small-scale fishers and fish workers around the globe to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts on the lives and livelihoods of people in their communities.


Session II was held on Tuesday, November 16th, at 9:00 AM ET. 

Watch the webinar recording here


Please use this discussion to ask additional questions, provide comments, or reactions to the webinar! 

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Genavel Macawile
Genavel Macawile

Hi! Good day, we are interested on this webinar but the time schedule is conflicting here in our country "Philippines". Is the recording on this webinar are accessible just like on the first session? Because we planned to watch the recording on the different time. Thank's....

Trazando el Rumbo de la Pesca
Trazando el Rumbo de la Pesca

en verdad la pandemia del covid-19 nos a fortalecido y muchos conocedores de la pesca sabemos lo duro que fue para muchos y lo que hemos pasado, esperemos poder contar muchas historias vean realidades

In truth, the covid-19 pandemic has strengthened us and many connoisseurs of fishing know how hard it was for many and what we have been through, we hope to be able to tell many stories, see realities

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