San Pedro Photography Contest 2021

Ashley Teng • 8 June 2021

Hi everyone!

Have you heard of San Pedro? Countries across the globe including Spain, Peru, Brazil and many others celebrate San Pedro or Saint Peter, the patron saint of fishermen, every year on June 29. The day is typically filled with maritime processions, attending mass, dancing, competitions, lots of food, and other festivities. If you celebrate San Pedro in your fishing community, we would love to learn about your traditions!

The SSF Hub is launching a photography contest with San Pedro Day as the theme! We invite fishing community members and others to share photos of how you celebrate San Pedro on the Hub. Details on how to enter below! If you’re not interested in entering the contest, you can still participate by helping to decide the winner, keep reading!

This discussion will be where you can enter the contest by commenting your entry at the bottom of this page.

Photography Contest Rules:

  1. Comment your contest entry below (note that only Hub users can comment in a discussion, create an account if you don’t have one already!). Your comment must include:
  • 1-4 photos that follow the San Pedro Day theme, attached as files
  • a brief introduction of yourself with your full name and what location you are based in
  • at least 3 sentences explaining how you celebrate San Pedro – Examples: What are the maritime processions like? What kind of competitions are held? What kind of food is there? Any anecdotes?
  1. Deadline to post comment entry: June 22 @ 23:59 UTC
  2. The winner will be the Hub user whose comment has the highest amount of likes on June 24 @ 23:59 UTC

The top 3 most popular entries by amount of likes will be featured in an SSF Highlight and the overall winner will also be a Featured Member on the homepage. **This means that any Hub Community Member can “vote” by liking their favorite entries. Please vote for no more than 3 entries.

If you have any questions about the contest rules or creating an SSF Hub account, please email Ashley Teng at We look forward to seeing your photos!!

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