Sampah Plastik di Teluk Lampung

Mitra Bentala
Mitra Bentala • 22 May 2023

Pulau Pasaran Kota Bandar Lampung, sumber

Mitra Bentala: Waste management on Pasaran Island, Karang City Village, Teluk Betung Timur District has been going well since the RINDU (Recycling Innovation House) program initiated by the Anak Bangsa Bisa Foundation (YABB), which was implemented on 22 May 2022 -22 May 2023.

Head of RT.09, Karang City Urban Village, Mr. Said says the RINDU program made many changes in waste management compared to previous years.

"The waste management is usually done by sokli (environmental hygiene organization unit group) so there are women who are residents here who are employed as sokli, namely collecting garbage and then taking the garbage to RINDU (House of Recycling Innovation), so so far the waste management has been very good for the pasar island, it can be handled properly Yes, only 80% compared to the past, it has increased," he said.

Sampah di pesisir laut Pulau Pasaran Sampah di pesisir laut Pulau Pasaran

Seen in the picture above, the amount of waste which is dominated by plastic waste is stuck in the mangrove trees under the bridge leading to Pasaran Island.

The RINDU program will end on May 22 2023, but will be further managed by the Pasar Island residents.

"Especially these Kartini cadres who can recycle waste into bags, into crafts that can still be used, at least they can reduce the waste that is already scattered," he said.

Said revealed that the program had a very good impact on waste management on Pasar Island.

"It's very good because while I'm here, I can really see the real work of the children of the Anak Bangsa Foundation and Pasar Wawai Island, because what used to be our waste was hard to reduce, now it's routine to manage it," he said.

Furthermore, Said conveyed his message to the public to maintain the cleanliness of the sea by not littering.

"Especially in the community, let's be aware that this sea is not a comfortable trash can, because it is in the sea that we live, it is in the sea that we will hope that the nutrition, protein from fish is in the sea so when our protein is hard it is already mixed with bioplastics, heavy metals, and so on, it will be a problem, because the dirty sea water will obviously reduce fish," Mr. Said says.

Said also hopes that the government can make a breakthrough that can make people aware of the importance of keeping the marine environment clean.

"Hope for the government to provide various breakthroughs so that residents dispose of garbage in an orderly manner, continue to have a good place, provide education to them, especially those on the banks of the river, yes, if necessary, provide CCTV so that whoever throws garbage indiscriminately there will be a penalty, it can be seen if this is reported Who are the residents, sir, so later the village head or RT will come to these residents," he concluded.

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