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Daliza Papps
Daliza Papps • 21 January 2021

Welcome to the SSF Hub! We're excited to have you join this growing community! I'm Daliza, the SSF Hub Community Moderator. We'd love to get to know you, so please comment in the below to introduce yourself. You are also invited to join the SSF Hub Community Group to share pictures and connect with others!

  • Name, where you are located
  • What's a favorite memory or thing about working in and with SSF communities?

Comments (3)

Ana Suarez
Ana Suarez

Hi! I am Ana Suarez, I live in La Paz, BCS, Mexico and my favorite thing about working with SSF communities is that they remind me what faith looks like on Earth.

Lovasoa Cédrique Augustave
Lovasoa Cédrique Augustave

Hello! My name is Lovasoa, and I am based in the south-west region of Madagascar. My favorite memory about working with SSF communities is the fact that you feel connected with the beauty of the nature & the people that live in it.

Guillermo Estupinan
Guillermo Estupinan

Hi, I'm Guillermo. I live in Manaus, Brazil, and realize activities with fisheries management at different scales in amazon region. I believe the power of networks and hubs to connect and strength discussions about SSF.

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