Montserrat Marine Megafauna Project

Veta  Wade
Veta Wade • 29 September 2023

Hello fellow  ocean lovers join me at @montserrat_marine_megafauna ( MMMF) on YouTube and IG to see and learn more about the WILD world of the ‘ Sharks of Montserrat.’…

I’ve missed my small scale fisheries community and looking forward to seeing what everyone has been up to over the past year. 


The end of 2023, was extraordinarily hectic for me as I moved countries with my 10 year old son, to study for my masters degree in marine vertebrate ecology and conservation. 

My thesis takes the form of this project where I am working with local fisheries in learning about the sharks and rays of Montserrat. Check it out!  

PI @vetawade

A thank you postcard featuring Veta Wade and a member of the Montserrat Marine Megafauna Project.
Project Postcard from Team MMMF


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