Hannah Gilchrist • 1 February 2021

Hello everyone! Welcome to the ICT4Fisheries Network.

I'm Hannah, from Blue Ventures and one of the moderators of the network within the SSF Hub.

We want to build an active network to discuss ideas, challenges and exciting ideas related to technology within the smal-scale fisheries sector.

So who are you? Where do you work? Say hello :-)

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Hannah Gilchrist

You can add a comment here :-) Hi I'm Hannah! I work predominantly work with Tableau, Kobo Toolbox, and GSheets.

  • Sarah Poon

    Hi everyone! I'm Sarah Poon from Environmental Defense Fund. I am located in San Francisco and lead EDF's Fishery Solutions Center. In this role, I oversee a portfolio of work that aims to support and accelerate solutions for climate resilient fisheries. This includes projects related to capacity development, small-scale fisheries, technology, recreational fisheries and co-management. I'm excited about this group because it touches on the intersection of many of these areas of work. Thanks for setting it up and moderating!

  • Indah Rufiati

    Hello from Bali, Indonesia. I'm Indah from Blue Ventures. I provide technical assistance on participatory fisheries monitoring, fisheries data system, data feedback, fisheries management and lead the Fishery Improvement Projects to build bridges and strategic relationships with fisheries stakeholders, from fishers, government, NGOs and industries to increase the sustainability of small-scale octopus fisheries in Indonesia.

  • Serge Raemaekers

    Hey everyone, I am Serge, from ABALOBI based in Cape Town South Africa. I am excited to see this group live and look forward to the many discussions and interesting feeds.

  • Margaret

    Hello, great to see so many people joining this group! My name is Margaret and I work for ABALOBI. In partnership with Blue Ventures, we drive the ICT4Fisheries Network and have moved the community over to this platform. We are excited about this group and hope everyone uses it to share knowledge, ask questions and learn!


    Buen día a todos.
    Mi nombre es Ernesto Alonso Gastelum González, vivo en Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, soy buzo pescador artesanal, trabajo en busca de la sustentabilidad de los recursos qué nos brindan sostén económico y el empoderamiento de las comunidades pesqueras.
    Es un placer aprender de ustedes y ver casos de éxito qué podamos replicar

  • Craig Turley

    Hello all,
    My name is Craig Turley and I am the Fisheries Improvement Manager at the International Pole & Line Foundation. We are currently exploring traceability solutions in one-by-one tuna fisheries across several geographies including Indonesia, Maldives and St Helena along with several partners.
    ICT4Fisheries is a fast developing space and exciting thing to be a part of!

  • Claudio Pichaud

    Hola a todos soy claudio Pichaud de isla Chiloé cuidad Ancud chile .
    Soy Pescador Artesanal trabajo en la captura de jaibas o nasas.
    En estos momentos estamos trabajando con un grupo de profesionales tanto de EDF como Ecos mar en lograr sacar la certificación.
    Estoy para aprender y traspasar nuestro trabajo realizado.

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