International Year of Artisanal Fisheries & Aquaculture 2022 (IYAFA 2022)

Daliza Papps • 29 November 2021

We want to hear from the SSF Hub community!

The International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture 2022 (IYAFA 2022) officially launched on Friday, November 19. IYAFA 2022 aims to focus world attention on the role that small-scale fisheries, fish farmers and fish workers play in food security and nutrition, poverty eradication and sustainable natural resource use - thereby increasing global understanding and action to support them.

IYAFA 2022 presents a great opportunity to share your stories, experiences and knowledge while highlighting the needs and priorities of small-scale fishing communities and the people who depend on them.

  • How are you celebrating IYAFA 2022?
  • Are there any events that you and/or your networks and organizations are planning? 
  • What do you hope to see or achieve coming out of IYAFA 2022?
  • Are there any topics or issues of priority that you would like to see support for?

Share your questions, thoughts and reactions in the comments below!

Comments (4)

Baltazar Chapilliquen Tume

Es necesario evaluar las condiciones de los recursos pesqueros de la actividad pesquera artesanal, añadiendo la presencia en cada zona de aquellos recursos que no son explotados (pepinos de mar, chingones, algas, bivalvos). Para una explotación sostenible, considerando la posibilidad de su cultivo.

  • Daliza Papps

    [NOTE: This comment has been translated to English here]
    It is necessary to evaluate the conditions of the fishing resources of the artisanal fishing activity, adding the presence in each area of those resources that are not exploited (sea cucumbers, algae, bivalves). For a sustainable exploitation, considering the possibility of its cultivation.

  • Daliza Papps

    [~443] this is an excellent point, thank you! It is important to address the need and bring awareness for valuable resources across different areas.

  • Veta Wade

    Hi everyone,

    IYAFA 2022 - I'll be celebrating by spending more time with fishers, and finding ways to show my appreciation for all they do.

    Planning co-design and participatory research projects that include fishers as co-partners to help with providing direct financial support and alternative income.

    Launching DigiFish in Barbados just before Christmas or early 2020. This is in collaboration with The Barbados National Union of Fisherfolk Organisation (BARNUFO) -, and Pelagic Data Systems - Promoting the use of digital technologies and innovative data analysis methods to support the application of the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries In Barbados. We are hoping to scale this project in Barbados and the Wider Caribbean. If anyone wants to know more or is interested in VMS for Small Scale Fishers in the Caribbean or elsewhere, let me know!

    Hoping to see fishers' stories and their needs being better amplified, and creating more excitement around the sector for youth. Personally, I'm trying to navigate how to communicate the fisheries focus on techniques such as pot fishing in near-shore reefs, versus the challenges they experience with deep-sea fishing. When small reef fish is all you can reasonably catch for your community and family, but that is frowned upon.

    I would like to see support around, affordable modern equipment and tech support, alternative Incomes and Safety at Sea!

    Another area I would like to explore more of is how are we valuing fishers' knowledge and data. How can fishers leverage data to supplement their income?

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