Hoffmann Fellow: Innovations for Small-Scale Fisheries & Aquaculture

Alexis Nicole Rife • 18 June 2021

The World Economic Forum (with the Friends of Ocean Action) and Stanford University seek a Hoffmann Fellow for a two-year joint appointment for work at the intersection of society, science, and
technology. The Fellow will be based jointly at the World Economic Forum’s Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in San Francisco, California, which is dedicated to addressing the possibilities and challenges posed by the rapid pace of technological innovation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and
Stanford’s Center for Ocean Solutions (“COS”), which is focused on spurring innovation to sustain the resilience of the ocean and the people who depend on it.


Small-scale fisheries and aquaculture (SSFA) are of central importance to the Friends of Ocean Action work on Nourishing Billions. SSFA produce two-thirds of the aquatic foods that we eat, while providing livelihoods and income for over 100 million people. SSFA are diverse, varying in their connection to
global markets, their degree of specialization, the inputs and assets they require, and potential management and innovation pathways. New and emerging data and technology has the potential to help SSFA manage their resources and access markets. The Hoffmann Fellow will explore how technology
and data could be used in different contexts and the roles that governments, seafood companies, and other actors might play in scaling application.


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