Grant announcement for environmental justice and climate resilience in North America

Alexis Nicole Rife
Alexis Nicole Rife • 21 October 2021

EJ4 Climate: Environmental Justice and Climate Resilience Proposals Due November 14th  
EJ4Climate is a new grant program that promotes community-level innovation and climate adaptation, and is intended to support Indigenous, underserved, and vulnerable communities in CanadaMexico, and the United States to prepare for climate-related impacts. EJ4Climate seeks to foster climate resilience by improving the capacity of communities to prepare for, withstand, respond to, and recover from hazardous events or disturbances related to climate change, which poses risks to human health, the environment, cultural resources, the economy, and quality of life. Learn more about the program and complete your application here. The EJ4Climate grant program is calling for projects that advance:

  • Community resilience: Support community resilience to climate change and climate-related impacts 
  • Equitable benefits: Yield tangible, equitable benefits for local communities by addressing or adapting to climate change impacts 
  • Local knowledge: Consider local knowledge and transform that knowledge into an innovative action or solution 
  • Partnerships: Build partnerships that respond to community-identified challenges 


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