Elevating "blue foods" at the UN Food Systems Summit

Alexis Nicole Rife • 29 June 2021

Hi everyone, as many of you know the UN is holding its first-ever Food System Summit this September, with the goal of catalyzing change towards a more sustainable, equitable and resilient global food system. Many of our colleagues are working to ensure that Aquatic or ‘Blue’ Foods are front and center at the Summit, and would like to enlist the help of the SSF Hub in making that happen. Specifically, the Summit process is now focused on forming and advancing ‘solution clusters’ on key themes. While there is a cluster devoted to Aquatic/Blue Foods, there are dozens of other clusters that don’t yet represent the critical contributions of small scale fisheries and aquaculture to the global system.


We invite you to review the list of solution clusters on the UN Food Systems Community website, especially those from Action Track 4 (Advance Equitable Livelihoods) - some of these are listed below - , and register your interest to participate in the cluster(s) that are relevant to your work. Most of them are currently largely agro- or terrestrial-focused, and at this stage we have the opportunity to make them more representative of these critical voices. If you have any questions, please contact me or my colleague Tim Fitzgerald.


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