SSF Hub Presents: Fisher Voices on Women & Gender in Small-Scale Fisheries

Women & Gender in Small-Scale Fisheries

Part of the SSF Hub Presents: Fisher Voices, IYAFA Webinar Series

This webinar was held on March 22nd, 2022 at 7:00 UTC / 14:00 Bangkok


Womens’ contributions to small-scale fisheries and aquaculture is frequently overlooked and underrecognized by local and national governments, policy-makers, and community officials. 45 million women participate in small-scale fisheries operations globally, which constitutes greater than 40% of the fisheries workforce. Women are involved in all aspects of the fisheries sector and play important roles in the direct fishing, processing, marketing, and conservation of natural resources, while also maintaining their family and household responsibilities. Women also stand to benefit disproportionately from fisheries, as the contribution of aquatic foods to vulnerable communities’ food security and nutrient intakes are particularly important for womens’ health and child development. Despite the important role that women play in small-scale fishery operations and the benefits of aquatic foods to womens’ and childrens’ health, women are overrepresented in fisheries and labor but are underrepresented in governance and therefore face many barriers to meaningful participation.



Tasnur Begum | Bangladesh 

She is a fisher community leader and a member of UJS (Union Jono Shangaton) committee, which is a Union People's Organization (an informal body of women fishers) She is the micro finance participant of COAST Foundation. Being a member of the committee she inspires women for their basic rights and motivates them for alternative income generating activities to be self-reliant.

Raveendran Priya | Sri Lanka

Priya is a mother with three children, surviving with daily earnings through dry fish production, small-scale fishing and earning around 10,000 -20,000 LKR which is 50 -100 USD average. She belongs to Poonthalir Women Organization of Jaffna district which organizes, mobilizes and empowers women-headed households in the area. She is an active leader who works for reconciliation and a peaceful country.

Suphaphon Phannarai | Thailand

Miss Suphaphon Phannarai is the president of the Association of Southern Women Fishers where she works on conserving marine and coastal resources. She is a leading female leader in the SSF movement in the country; activating the community rights of small-scale fishers at the policy level.


This webinar was moderated by Dr. Ujjaini Halim and organized in partnership with Sustainable Development Foundation (SDF), National Fisheries Solidarity Organization (NAFSO), and the COAST Foundation


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