SSF Hub Presents: Fisher Voices on Small-Scale Fisheries as Part of the Blue Economy

 Small-Scale Fisheries as Part of the Blue Economy 

Part of the SSF Hub Presents: Fisher Voices, IYAFA Webinar Series

This webinar will be held in September 2022 - Registration link and additional details coming soon

Blue Economy Webinar


Guiding Questions:

  1. What alternative livelihood activities does your community engage with?
  2. What are your thoughts on alternative livelihoods and/or aquaculture?
  3. How do alternative livelihoods and aquaculture contribute to food and nutrition security in your community?
  4. Does your community conduct aquaculture? Do you have a long-standing tradition of aquaculture, or is this a new practice for you?
  5. What are the challenges that you or people in your community have with aquaculture? How have these challenges been addressed by your community or government?
  6. What recommendations do you have for other communities dealing with similar challenges relating to aquaculture, alternative livelihoods, and the Blue Economy?
  7. How can local, regional, or national policy makers support your communities priorities with alternative livelihoods, aquaculture & SSF as part of the blue economy?

If you are interested in participating in the webinars or wish to share your story on any of the topics, please Fisher Voices and Local Dialogues pages to see how you can get involved.