Training Manual on Improved Fish Handling and Preservation Techniques

"The manual is intended as a guide to good environmental sanitation and personal hygiene practices for the small-scale fishery sector. The training manual will assist extension workers to educate the fisher-folk and other stakeholders in producing fishery products that are safe and of high quality. Fishery supply chain stakeholders especially fisher-folk, landing site operators, fish processors and fish transporters can use this manual in implementing good environmental sanitation and personal hygiene practices.
The training manual consists of eleven chapters. Chapter one covers overview of the fishery sector in South Sudan; chapter two is on health and sanitation; chapter three covers fishing boats and good hygiene practices; chapter four is related to fish spoilage; chapter five covers fish handling practices; chapter six is about fish processing practices; chapter seven is on fish preservation techniques; chapter eight covers fish oil; chapter nine covers fish transport, chapter ten covers fish markets and chapter eleven includes references."

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