Carlito Turner

Carlito Turner posted in Global Octopus Network

Hi everyone, I just thought I'd share an article published this week on the importance of tropical small-scale octopus fisheries and their contributions to food security:

"Tropical small-scale octopus fisheries produced 88,000 t of catch and processed octopus in 2017, with a landed value of US$ 2.3 billion, contributing towards copper, iron and selenium intakes, with over twice the vitamin B12 content of finfish. Catch methods, primarily consisting of small-scale lines and small-scale pots and traps, produced minimal bycatch, and the fast growth and adaptability of octopus may facilitate environmentally sustainable production under climatic change. Management approaches including periodic fishery closures, size restrictions, licences and knowledge transfer of fishing gears can enable greater blue food supply and economic value to be generated while improving environmental sustainability."

Full Article:

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