Here is an exciting opportunity to join Global Fishing Watch and other partners to discuss tech and SSF. The event is a side event to the The Economist's 2nd annual World Ocean Summit Asia-Pacific in Singapore at the end of Novemeber.

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Please join us for a workshop exploring how technology, transparency and data systems can accelerate recovery of small-scale fisheries.
The effective management and governance of small-scale fisheries is necessary to achieve the sustainability of global fisheries. Small-scale fisheries are responsible for nearly half of global seafood catches, employ about 90% of fisheries workers, and provide critical protein and nutrients for hundreds of millions of people.

Despite their enormous contribution, fishers and coastal communities urgently need better data to inform and adapt management plans in the face of unprecedented threats from climate change and competition from foreign and industrial fishing fleets.

Global Fishing Watch and Blue Ventures are convening partners and stakeholders to share ideas and learn how we can best work together to harness emerging technology, transparency and data systems to improve the management, monitoring and governance of small-scale fisheries.

Join our workshop: Technology and Transparency for Small-Scale Fisheries
We would welcome your participation in the invite-only workshop taking place on the sidelines of the 2nd annual World Ocean Summit Asia-Pacific in Singapore (29-30 November 2022). The workshop will be hosted in Resorts World Convention Centre on Tuesday 29th, 11.30am - 4pm.

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Further information on the agenda and speakers to follow.
Important note: Attendees to our workshop must also register here for The Economist's 2nd annual World Ocean Summit Asia-Pacific. Registration is free for eligible attendees.

We hope you’re able to join us!

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