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Chris Cusack posted in ICT4Fisheries Network

We are soliciting input into a challenge statement for the 2022 Fishackathon that kicked off at the Economist's World Ocean Summit (WOS) in Singapore this week. Please note that we are trying to finalize a challenge statement centered on small-scale fisheries by December 15th so not as much notice as I'd like to give.

The Fishackathon ( aims to bring together designers, developers, subject matter experts, and organizations to create impactful, actionable and scalable solutions to key challenges facing our aquatic environments, and the people and the industries that rely upon them.

The small-scale fisheries statement(s) will drive the development of tools such as web-based platforms, mobile applications and others, with a winner announced in March at the Lisbon WOS. Our hope is that these statements will center on the most important challenges we are currently facing where software tools can help to make an immediate and lasting impact.

This is why we are reaching out to this community- you should all have good ideas here!

What we are looking for is:
1) some brief context describing the challenge(s) being faced
2) a description of how these challenge(s) could potentially be addressed
3) any level of specificity regarding a potential software solution, including available data sources and any references to resources that could be useful.

Please reply to this thread with your ideas or if you have any thoughts or questions. Many thanks in advance!

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