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Information and Communication Technology for Fisheries (ICT4Fisheries) promote the use of technology to address social, ecological and economic challenges in the small-scale fisheries sector. From maritime safety to accessing market opportunities, ICTs contribute to the improved well-being of fishers globally. Our mission is to ensure that ICT4fisheries are used in an inclusive way that transforms and advances sustainable marine resource management. Through this group we hope that small-scale fishers, monitors, practitioners and tech developers working in the fisheries space share insights and learnings about the uptake of ICTs. This group builds on the www.ict4fisheries.org network, including two international conferences that were held in 2016 and 2019 in Cape Town, South Africa. We hope that members of this group share lessons and information, ask questions, and have meaningful discussions that contribute to the design and implementation of tech solutions for small-scale fisheries. We ask that you share relevant content such as videos, stories based on your experience and pose questions that outline your interests and needs. Welcome to the ICT4Fisheries Network!