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  • Just wondering if anyone has come across this research project by Aberystwyth University in the UK, which is developing a global octopus genetic database which will facilitate a seafood traceability network to improve stock management and ensure the sustainability of octopus fisheries.

    It looks very interesting, more details below...

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  • Hello everyone
    Welcome to the Global Octopus Network Group.
    We would really appreciate your help by answering this questionnaire. Thank you!

  • Hi Global Octopus Network! We'd like to gain a better understanding of octopus fisheries in the network. Would you be willing to contribute to this global effort and share your knowledge and experience?

    If so, please help us by answering this questionnaire. Thank you!

  • Hi everyone!

    We are excited to pull together this Global Octopus Network on the SSF Hub! Welcome!

    This group's intention is to facilitate the exchange of information on current octopus management approaches, share lessons learned and successful practices, answer questions, and address challenges.

    Octopus are a globally important species harvested around the world. Octopus fisheries are closely tied to food security, culture, and coastal livelihoods. The unique life history characteristics of octopus provide both opportunities as well as challenges to resource management. Despite their importance to small-scale fisheries around the world, information about the successful management of octopus fisheries remains opaque.

    Over the next few months, we will be working invite new people working on octopus to the group. We would like this to be an active and dynamic space for fishers, fisher and community leaders, local NGOs and others working on octopus to connect and share their experiences with each other. Please feel free to connect others you think may be interested by sending them a link and letting them know they can click on the button on the top right to join.


    We also will be setting up some discussion topics that we believe are of interest, including:
    - Markets and value chains
    - Evaluations and Assessment methods
    - Co-management and management strategies
    - Illegal Unreported and Unregulated fishing activity (IUU)
    - Fisher experiences and advocacy
    - Risks and resilience:
    - Climate change and impacts
    - COVID-19
    - Octopus project financing

    This list of discussion topics will grow based on the interest of group members and we encourage you to take an active role in developing discussions.


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