SSF Hub Presents: Fisher Voices on COVID, Session II

Event date 16 November, 2021 09:00 EST - 10:30 EST
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This two-part series highlighted the voices of fishers: Part I focused on their experiences and responses to the pandemic and Part II focused on how fishers and their intermediaries (or other value chain actors) have innovated to overcome the COVID crisis. These virtual events replicated some of the features of an in-person fisher exchange and provided a space for fishers and fish workers to share their stories about the challenges brought on by COVID and how they have overcome them. The objective was to engage in a conversation where fishers can inspire each other and commiserate, too — to get through the tough times together and to share potential solutions that could speed the recovery.

In addition to Part I & Part II, the SSF Hub will be accepting and posting videos from the greater SSF Hub community on its Youtube channel. This will allow more small-scale fisheries actors to share their experiences with COVID and continue the dialogue following the event. 

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Session II: Tuesday, November 16th, 2021

Session II was focused on how fishers, intermediaries and their partners innovated (or are innovating) to overcome the COVID crisis and support fishing communities throughout the pandemic and the ways in which fishers or fish workers have needed to adapt how they market and sell their catch due to the situation.


Hoyt Peckham, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) & Cristina Pita, International Institute of Environment and Development (IIED)


Ben Martens - Executive Director of Maine Coast Fishermen's Association (MCFA)
Tracy Sylvester - Fisher and Fishmonger, Wooden Island Wild 
Don German - Fishers Roundtable 
Martiza - Asociación de Pescadores de La Rosita, Cuero y Salado (APROCUS Fishing Association)
Paula Leiva - Mi Caleta
Reńe Jara - Fisher, Duao, Chile 




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Session I: September 15, 2021

Session I was held in September and focused on stories from communities told by fishers, specifically about their experiences and how they have responded to the pandemic. During this webinar, fishers and fisher organizations shared challenges they encountered and advice that they have for others that may still be grappling with the hardships brought on by COVID.

Watch the recording here

Watch speaker videos here

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