Small-Scale Fisheries as Part of the Blue Economy - Webinar

Event date 17 April, 2023 04:00 EDT - 05:30 EDT
Blue Economy Card


Blue economy agendas focus on sustainably leveraging oceanic resources for economic growth and include sustainable fishing, aquaculture, marine transport/infrastructure, offshore wind, and tourism.  Blue agendas’ industrial emphasis neglects the role of small-scale fisheries in sustainable development. As a result, small-scale fisheries and their aquaculture operations are subtly and overtly displaced in favor of larger scale economic and environmental conservation interests, endangering the livelihoods, food security, and nutrition of millions of people. 

Small-scale fisheries are an integral part of the ocean economy, fueling nearly a quarter of global fish consumption, employing 44 percent of individuals directly engaged in fishing, and  generating an average annual revenue of 77 billion USD from the first sale of catch. Small-scale fisheries create additional livelihoods through fishing gear maintenance, food processing, and induced economic activity. Small-scale fisheries also provide important non-monetary contributions to communities such as self-identity, kinship, household, and community linkages. Despite their economic and non-economic contributions, fishers and fishing communities have yet to secure adequate social protections and rights as well as meaningful representation in blue economy discussions. 

As part of its IYAFA 2022 campaign, the SSF Hub will be hosting a webinar to focus on the importance of including small-scale fisheries into blue agendas for sustainable development and highlight the ways that governments can protect small-scale fishers from industrial projects. This webinar will feature speakers from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. 


This webinar will have live interpretation in Bengali, Tamil, and Thai


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