Should fishers be paid to fish less?

Event date 17 January, 2024 11:00 EST - 12:00 EST

Presented by: Francois Mosnier of Planet Tracker

Date/Time: Wednesday, January 17, 11 am US EST/8 am US PST/4 pm UTC

Description: In many cases, overfishing occurs because fishing companies are financially incentivized to fish as much as they legally can. But what if these incentives were reversed? Planet Tracker’s award-winningBlue Recovery Bond’ concept shows that paying fishing companies to fish less could be both financially and environmentally rewarding. Planet Tracker is now identifying the areas where this concept could be piloted. This webinar will explain how a Blue Recovery Bond works, how to identify a good candidate fishery, and outline the eligibility criteria Planet Tracker has developed. The audience will be invited to comment on the methodology and provide examples of areas of interest.

Hosted by: OCTO

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