Our Ocean Conference - Palau 2022

Event date 13 April, 2022 - 14 April, 2022
Type: In person
Event location Palau

The Republic of Palau will host the 7th Our Ocean Conference on April 13 and 14 of 2022

The Republic of Palau is the first small island developing state (SIDS) to host the Our Ocean Conference. The conference’s theme is "Our Ocean, Our People, Our Prosperity," which draws on Palau's rich tradition as an ocean society and focuses on islander perspectives and approaches to ensuring the health of our ocean. The 7th Our Ocean Conference will be a key moment for countries, civil society, and industry to commit to concrete and significant actions to protect the ocean.

Each panel discussion at Our Ocean Conference 2022 will reflect the broader theme to amplify traditional ocean conservation knowledge and highlight vulnerable ocean communities. Threats to our ocean directly impact ocean ecosystems and threaten peoples’ livelihoods around the globe. Impacts can be especially devastating to places like Palau and other small island developing states, where the ocean is a primary source of sustenance.


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