OCTO Webinar: Planning for MPA Resilience: Lessons Learned from Using the Resilience Self-assessment Tool (R-SAT)

Event date 14 September, 2023 12:00 EDT - 13:30 EDT


Description: The Ocean Governance Resilience Partnership has developed the Resilience Self-assessment Tool ( R-SAT) for addressing the resilience of MPAs. Over 80 MPAs in 17 countries have conducted resilience self-assessments with the tool, and since December 2022, several trainings of trainers have been organized, including in Senegal, Brazil, Colombia, Comoros, and the US. This webinar will present lessons learned from applying the tool and feedback from the recent training of trainers, including how future-oriented management approaches and risk reduction are being integrated into the tool. In addition, several MPA managers will share their experiences applying the tool. Learn more about R-SAT at https://tinyurl.com/MPAresilience.

Presented by: Jean-Jacques Goussard of the Ocean Governance Project, Mike De Luca of the Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve, Mathieu Ducrocq of the Regional Network of Marine Protected Areas in West Africa (RAMPAO), Lilian Wetzel of the Ocean Governance Resilience Partnership, and MPA managers from Senegal, Colombia, Brazil, and the US

Hosted by: OCTO

Register: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_pBS19ez7QKSnbzhzhlm-Iw

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