International Conference on Artisanal Fisheries (ICAF)

Event date 3 September, 2022 - 6 September, 2022
Event location • Jinja, Uganda

The Conference Objectives

  1. To enhance awareness, understanding and actions to support the contribution and sustainable development of artisanal fisheries and aquaculture to food security and nutrition, poverty eradication and use of natural resources.​
  2. To promote a platform for sharing blue innovations, research findings and their translation into practice, dialogue and collaboration among artisanal fishers, governments and other partners to further strengthen their capacity to enhance sustainability, social development and well-being​
  3. To bring together a diverse range of practitioners, scientists, development partners and industry representatives working across different areas of the fisheries across the world.
  4. Reflect on Africa’ progress in achieving the SDGs and establishing new impetus to achieve sustainable fisheries
  5. To foster interactions with development partners, financing institutions and solution providers, and advocate the benefits of collaboration and support towards achieving sustainable artisanal fisheries development.
  6. To contribute to the continuing development and expansion of international, regional and national partnerships and associations, and establish where they do not exist

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