Illuminating Hidden Harvests (IHH): A snapshot of key findings webinar

Event date 23 November, 2021
Type: Web based

A virtual webinar providing a “first-look” at some key findings from the upcoming Illuminating Hidden Harvest (IHH) report.


Due out in 2022, the Illuminating Hidden Harvest (IHH) report ties together the efforts of nearly 800 authors and experts to contribute to a more complete picture of small-scale fisheries. Drawing on a tapestry of methods, including 58 country and territory case studies, the report examines the current environmental, social, economic and governance contributions of marine and inland small-scale fisheries at global and local scales. In this webinar, the IHH chapter leads will share a few key findings from the report and respond to audience members' questions during the Q&A session. 

Webinar agenda

Welcome remarks:

Gareth Johnstone, Director General, WorldFish
Toddi Steelman, Stanback Dean, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University


Giulia Gorelli, FAO
Maria del Mar Mancha Cisneros, Duke University

Key findings: Presented by the IHH report leads on the environment, social and nutrition, gender, economic and governance dimensions:

Nico Gutierrez and Simon Funge-Smith, FAO
Dave Mills, WorldFish
Sarah Harper, University of British Columbia, and Danika Kleiber, WorldFish and James Cook University
Nicole Franz, FAO, and John Virdin, Duke University
Xavier Basurto, Duke University

Question and answer session: Participants will be invited to submit questions to the webinar speakers. Facilitated by webinar moderators: 

Vera Agostini, Deputy Director, Fisheries and Aquaculture Division, FAO
Lena Westlund, Consultant, FAO

Closing remarks

Manuel Barange, Director, Fisheries and Aquaculture Division, FAO


Please note: The webinar will be in English with live interpretation into French and Spanish. Participants are encouraged to submit any questions in advance by emailing

We look forward to your active participation.


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About the IHH initiative 

Led by FAO, Duke University, and WorldFish, the IHH initiative aims to generate and disseminate new evidence about the importance of small-scale fisheries to inform policy and practice. A major output of the initiative is a comprehensive research report based on a new and novel methodology. Due out in 2022, the IHH report looks holistically at the environmental, social, economic and governance contributions of small-scale fisheries globally.

The IHH findings will contribute to the growing body of evidence on the role and values of small-scale fisheries. Critically, the initiative will help to put much needed data and information  into the hands of countries, regions and small-scale fisheries advocates to emphasize the diverse and vital contributions of small-scale fisheries.


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