IIFET 2024 Penang - Aquatic Food Systems in the Blue Economy

Event date 15 July, 2024 - 19 July, 2024
Event location Penang, Malaysia

The 21st International Institute of Fisheries Economics & Trade (IIFET) Conference will be held from 15-19 July 2024 in Penang, Malaysia. This edition of the biennial conference is being organized by WorldFish and the Department of Fisheries, Malaysia, and will be held in Asia for the first time since 2008.

The theme of IIFET 2024 is "Aquatic Food Systems in the Blue Economy", focusing the attention of delegates on the intersection of fisheries and aquaculture economics and trade with major global challenges we are facing today, such as food system sustainability, rising economic and social inequality, the climate crisis and the fallout from and possibility of future pandemics – all pertinent in shaping a resilient blue economy that delivers on its promise for healthy people, healthy planet and shared prosperity.

In addition to sessions proposed by IIFET members and sessions that reflect key research arenas of IIFET members (e.g., productivity, technological efficiency, governance, gender analysis, policy analysis, trade and market dynamics), IIFET 2024 will feature four novel sub-themes to offer the conference attendees a unique space for sharing of ideas and dialog at the cutting edge of sustainable and equitable economic development through the lens of aquatic foods.


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