If You Can’t Beat Them, Eat Them!

Event date 16 May, 2023 19:00 EDT - 20:00 EDT

Reduced Food Waste and Plant-rich Diets are the top two most effective Climate Solutions in Project Drawdown’s prioritized list. So instead of trying to influence behaviors by talking about climate science, how about focusing on food? In this 90-minute workshop, Cornell Professor Marianne Krasny introduces the science behind food systems emissions. She then shares community solutions to repurpose food waste, as well as some of the coolest new innovations to reduce food emissions, whether by getting cows to stop their incessant burping or creating lobster from tissue culture. The workshop transitions to an interactive discussion of eating as a social activity. Eating with family and friends is one of humans’ most satisfying social activities, but also an opportunity to influence what those close to us eat. How can we apply the research on social influence—from behavioral contagion in networks to dynamic norms, from labeling menu items to choice architecture—to promote healthy and climate-friendly eating? And how can we do this without becoming a nagging “moral rebel?” Krasny will guide you in developing your own strategies and helping students to create theirs, and possibly even influencing the school cafeteria to take a hard look at what they are serving students. This workshop is intended for educators who are torn between our commitment to rigorous science education and our feelings that we, and our students, need to play a larger role in reducing climate emissions. Ideas for this workshop come from Krasny’s recent book In This Together: Connecting with Your Community to Combat the Climate Crisis, illustrated by former New Yorker cartoonist Emily Hopkins. Participants will receive a 30% discount code for the book.


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