FISH4ACP’s virtual tour on aquatic food systems transformation

Event date 13 December, 2023 08:30 EST - 10:00 EST

Did you know that a little fly can make a big difference for small-scale tilapia farmers in Zimbabwe? Or, how in The Gambia, oyster producers benefit when they move to oyster farming, just like the mangroves in which they work? 

Join the FISH4ACP virtual tour and learn how local communities from The Gambia to Zimbabwe change their aquatic food systems, and improve the food they eat, the income they earn and the environment in which they live.   

Hosted by FISH4ACP, the virtual tour is bringing together fishers, harvesters and fish workers, value chain stakeholders, experts, donors and the development community in an online conversation on aquatic food systems transformation – from the bottom up. 

The event will cover: 

Videos on oyster farming in The Gambia and tilapia farming in Zimbabwe. 
Debate with local stakeholders and experts on transformative change in aquatic food systems.
Discussions – actively engaging the audience – on issues related to aquatic food systems in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific. 


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