Committee on World Food Security: CFS 49

Event date 10 October, 2021 20:01 EDT - 13 October, 2021 20:01 EDT

The 49th Session of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) will be held virtually from 11 to 14 October 2021.

Organized shortly after the United Nations Food Systems Summit, CFS 49 will focus on the 2021 State of Food Security and Nutrition report, uptake of the CFS Voluntary Guidelines on Food Systems and Nutrition, CFS Mutli-Year Programme of Work and other ongoing CFS workstreams and priorities.

There will be several side events hosted during CFS and the full schedule of side events can be found here. One of the side events, titled "Transforming food, land and water systems for sustainable healthy diets" aims to highlight the contributions of aquatic foods to supporting healthy diets through school feeding programs. To register for this side event, click here.

More information on CFS can be found here

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