Collaborative development of climate resilient multispecies fisheries management across the Caribbean and Latin America

Event date 26 October, 2022 15:30 EDT - 17:00 EDT
Event location • Mérida, Yuc., Mexico
4WSFC Multispecies management event invitation

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Fisheries are critically important for the nutrition, food security, and livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people. Many of the world’s fisheries catch multiple species or stocks. These multispecies fisheries tend to be complex, as they may involve commercial, artisanal, and recreational sectors and can be large, medium, and small-scale, using multiple gear types with many disparate. This complexity hinders monitoring and assessment to establish adaptive science-based management for resilient multispecies fisheries and puts at risk food sources, jobs, profits, and coastal community livelihoods and culture. Furthermore, climate change is impacting marine systems and fisheries, altering existing fishing patterns and threatening access to fish stocks in some areas that include some of the most vulnerable fishing communities.  The reality is that climate change impacts on fisheries require new solutions and ways of thinking. How can small-scale multispecies fisheries transition to science-based, climate-resilient fishery management, while meeting stakeholders needs and incorporating their local knowledge?  First and foremost, stakeholders must be engaged and empowered to be part of the process of managing marine resources. Participatory processes and community engagement are essential for supplementing scientific knowledge with traditional/local ecological knowledge and generating transparency and buy-in to the management process. We will share lessons learned from practitioners and fishery stakeholders, including fishers, cooperatives leaders, government scientists on the development and implementation of collaborative tools, approaches, and technologies to move forward climate resilient multispecies fisheries in Latin America.

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