2023 Blue Food Innovation Summit

Event date 23 May, 2023 - 24 May, 2023
Event location London, United Kingdom

A summit exploring the fast-developing landscape of ocean health and blue food production and investment pathways in sustainable aquaculture to replenish our oceans.

Date: Tuesday-Wednesday, 23-24 May 2023

With our food system increasingly under stress from conflict and climate change, we must put blue food, sustainable aquaculture, and restorative ocean practices at the heart of the global conversation. It has never been more important to invest in sustainable aquaculture to replenish our oceans.

The Blue Food Innovation Summit returns to London to delve deeper into the fast-developing landscape of ocean health and blue food production, bringing the aquaculture industry together to explore the opportunities and challenges in scaling blue food production while protecting and restoring the ocean ecosystem. The two-day summit will focus on the transformative potential of new technologies and encourage collaboration and partnership between stakeholders across the supply chain.

By showcasing disruptive technologies, and exploring case studies of innovation in action, the focus is on overcoming bottlenecks to growth and promoting greater partnership and collaboration to protect and restore the ocean ecosystem. From producers, feed suppliers, and health providers to retailers, investors, and innovators, the summit provides stakeholders from across the value chain with a vital platform for knowledge exchange and networking through interactive panels, breakout discussions, and meetings.

We look forward to your active participation.

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